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What Is Property And Casualty Insurance?

Property And Casualty Insurance

Casualty insurance protects businesses, employers, and individuals from liability due to damage, loss of property, and more. This includes vehicle insurance, theft insurance, and liability insurance. Casualty insurance can also encompass worker’s compensation for businesses. To be clear, liability loss is caused by the insured’s interactions with others and their property. This coverage can protect […]

What Is A Homeowner’s Insurance Rider?

Homeowner’s Insurance Rider

Your home is probably the largest investment you will make in your lifetime. To protect it, it is crucial to have homeowner’s insurance. This covers you in the event of damage to your home, personal liability for accidents, and hotel rental while your house is being rebuilt. For any damage from a covered event, your […]

Is Commercial Insurance The Same As Business Insurance?

Commercial Insurance Vs. Business Insurance

Commercial insurance is a type of business insurance, which has quite a few off-shoots. Generally, business insurance protects a business from fire, theft, and natural disaster damage as well as liability, keeping it safe from lawsuits and unexpected replacement costs. Commercial insurance is intended to cover equipment and furnishings of the business, and can often […]

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella policies are also called excess liability policies. Our personal umbrella policies are here to protect you from liability. It extends the limits of your auto, home, or boat policies to provide extra liability protection. Personal umbrella policies also cover your defense costs and lawyer fees in the event you get named in a lawsuit. […]