Who Can I Put on My Auto Insurance Policy?

adding someone to an insurance policy

Generally, the people listed on an auto insurance policy must be the owner or people related to the owner. You may also be allowed to add another party to your policy if you live at the same address. For example, if you have a roommate who doesn’t own a car, you can add them to your insurance policy. 


However, the auto insurance policy must be in your name. If the roommate has their own vehicle, you will need to purchase separate insurance policies. In many cases, the auto insurance policy may provide coverage regardless of who is driving your car. For example, suppose your friend was driving your car and got involved in an accident. In that case, your insurance company can help to cover the cost of the damage. If your friend has auto insurance coverage, it can serve as secondary insurance, especially if the claim exceeds your policy coverage limits.


Adding Your Child to Your Policy

If you are the parent of a teen driver, it might make sense to add your child to your auto coverage policy. Auto insurance plans are pretty expensive for teens or young drivers due to the increased risk of getting into car crashes due to inexperience. As a result of the costs, many parents prefer to add their child to their existing auto insurance policy instead of purchasing a new plan.


With this in mind, some insurers offer discounts for adding dependents to auto coverage. Many insurers offer discounts to students who practice safe driving or who have good grades. This could further reduce your car insurance rates if you add them to your policy. Adding your child to your policy, however, will increase the amount you pay as a premium. 


However, the costs may reduce each year as young drivers get cheaper to insure as they grow older. Not only this, but the cost of adding your child to your auto insurance policy is cheaper than shopping for a new plan for them. But, before you add your child to your policy, it’s important to consult your insurance provider to get a quote and get more information about how to insure them properly. You can then add your child to your policy as soon as they get their driver’s license.


Adding Other People

Some insurers can allow you to add your spouse or significant other to your insurance policy if you live together. In fact, it’s even recommended. That’s because if your spouse or partner ever borrows your vehicle to go somewhere, having them added to your policy just ensures everything is covered.


Adding your spouse to your policy can also decrease your monthly payments, and if you are adding multiple cars into the policy, you may also get a multiple car policy discount.


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