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What Damage Does Renter’s Insurance Cover?

Renter’s insurance covers personal property damages, theft, liability, and most things apart from certain circumstances. Generally, the fees involved in these events are all covered up to a set limit. However, in order to fully understand what coverage to expect from renter’s insurance, you need details—here is everything you need to know about renter’s insurance damage […]

Can My Landlord Require Me to Get Renter’s Insurance?

Yes, your landlord can legally require you to get renter’s insurance. You may think of renter’s insurance as a pointless additional expense, but there are probably a lot of benefits that you don’t know about (yet). So don’t turn down a place to live just because renter’s insurance is on the contract—it can help you […]

What is Not Covered By Renter’s Insurance?

Like your typical homeowner’s policy, renter’s insurance will take care of most of the costs for incidents and damage done on/to your living space. There are, however, a few things not covered by renter’s insurance. Before investing in a policy, you must be aware of both what is and is not covered. Generally, you can […]

What Does Renter’s Insurance Protect You From?

Renter's Insurance

Many landlords now require tenants to hold renter’s insurance. The good thing is renter’s insurance is inexpensive and easy to buy. Why is it important to have renter’s insurance as a tenant? Theft Coverage  The value of your possessions is likely higher than you think it is. The average renter has $20,000 worth of possessions. […]