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What Are The Different Parts Of A Renter’s Insurance Policy?

Renter’s insurance, also known as HO-4, is a type of insurance policy covering losses to a renter’s personal property and protects them from liability claims. Damages to the structure and frame of the building are the responsibility of your landlord. Renter’s insurance helps provide coverage for anything from an entire house to a studio apartment […]

What Is The Purpose Of Renter’s Insurance?

renter's insurance

Many renters believe that their personal properties are covered by their landlord’s insurance policy. Unfortunately, that’s usually NOT the case, as your landlord’s insurance policy covers the property itself. That’s where renter’s insurance comes in. This insurance policy protects your personal belongings in a rented home, apartment, or condo from unexpected circumstances like fire, theft, […]

Is Renter’s Insurance Worth Having?

your landlord can only provide so much protection—get renter's insurance for your possessions

Renter’s insurance is a must if you are cautious and concerned about what can happen to your possessions. Your landlord can only provide so much protection before the rest is left up to you. This will look into why renter’s insurance is worth it, the events it covers, and how to choose the right coverage […]