Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Plumbing Issues?

Homeowners’ insurance protects your house and personal property against loss or damage, such as severe weather, fire, and certain types of water damage. Damaged plumbing is covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy if the damage and break were unexpected.

That means if you come home to a pipe that recently burst, your insurance company may reimburse you for the pipes, tanks, and valve replacement. However, if the water damage was caused by a busted pipe, gradual pipe leak, or a backup sump pump, your insurance claim may be rejected. Let’s take a closer look at homeowner’s insurance coverage for plumbing issues.

When Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Plumbing Damage

Generally, you should expect your homeowner’s insurance to cover the following plumbing issues:

Your pipes burst suddenly: if your plumbing suddenly bursts and its causes are not due to lack of repair or maintenance, all damages may be covered.

Your plumbing repairs or installation were not properly done: if your plumber makes the faulty connection that causes water damage to your home, you may be covered. While the plumber will likely offer to fix the issue, you can contact your insurer about the damage. Moreover, your plumber’s insurance should cover this if they are held liable.

Destruction required to get the plumbing system repaired: in order to get the busted or leaking pipes fixed, your plumber will often have to tear through the wall or foundation. Your insurance policy will cover the damage done to your home to get the plumbing system repaired, but not for the replacement of any pipes or other plumbing tools.

When Homeowner’s Insurance Doesn’t Cover Plumbing Damage

In general, your homeowner’s insurance company will reject your claim if any of the following conditions apply:

Your plumbing shows signs of wear and tear, rust, or corrosion: if your plumbing is already showing a sign of deterioration, your insurance policy may not cover damage if it results in a burst or leak.

Your pipes freeze due to neglect: generally, your policy should cover the cleaning and repair required due to a frozen pipe that has burst. However, if your pipe freezes and bursts because you forget to turn off the heat when leaving the house for a couple of days, your claim may be rejected.

Your plumbing is old: if you have a plumbing issue due to the fact that they are old, your insurer may not reimburse you when it breaks because they expect you to be aware of its age and replace it when necessary.

You have polybutylene plumbing: this style of plumbing is common in homes built in the 70s and 90s. They are viewed as high-risk to insurance companies because chemicals in public water like chlorine are known to make the pipes stiff and cause breakage. So, if you have this style of plumbing, you may not be covered if it bursts and causes damage to your property.

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